Mame to Ebi Gohan


The green & pink of peas and prawns are very pretty picture especially suitable for spring. Enjoy the subtle taste of prawns in rice...
Photos: Mar 13 1998 , Made on: Mar 16 1998 , Translated: Jun 03 1998

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  • Green peas (in shell) - 400g (1.6 cup)
  • Uncooked prawns (medium size) - 20
  • Sake (dry sherry perhaps?) - 2 table spoon
  • Salt - 1 tea spoon
  • Rice - 3 cups


After shelling the peas they look like the photo and weigh approximately 200g (0.8 cup). Take off all the skins as well. (Info: If you try broad beans, 600g with shell becomes only 1 cup after shelling and peeling. True... it is nice to know that beans are fresh in shells, but considering the time and effort, well, it's not much to eat, is it?)

If you use prawns with shells, take them off. You also have to remove black line in its back using toothpick or some sharp knife (please see the photo). At my house, it is my second son Satoshi's work (Junior High, 2nd grade in March 98). As long as you teach them how to do it, they can do a very good job. However, by the time they can do it on their own, be patient in training them... (this is YOUR parental training too).

In this recipe, I cut the prawns into approximately 1 cm square "before" boiling them, but perhaps it is better to cut them AFTER boiling.

Put the peeled peas into boiling water seasoned with sake and salt. Boil for about 5 minutes. Then, take them out using strainer. In the same water, boil prawns at a lower heat for approximately 2 minutes. Do not boil longer than that because it makes them too hard. You can remove them out when their colour turns pink.

Cool the water in which you boiled the peas and shrimps, and use it to cook rice. The rice should have been washed and drained ready for cooking. Cook the rice as usual in the rice cooker.

Cook rice
Just 5 or 6 minutes before it finishes, open the cooker and add prawns onto the rice, and (rest it? not really sure what you mean by this)
You can also add peas at this stage, however, they are easily crushed when you stir. Therefore if you would like to concentrate on a prettier picture, they may better be sprinkled over the rice when you serve. On the other hand, if you do not mind the presentation, you can put both peas and prawns into the rice cooker BEFORE you switch it on and cook them together.

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