Pork chop with Ginger-flavored soy-sauce

Just cook pork chop with ginger-flavored soy-sauce and put on cooked rice.
Photos: 1996/07/29 , Made on: 1997/08/04

Reference book: "OBEN-TOU ZUKURI HA-TO ODOROKU HIKETSU SYU" by Katsuyo Kobayashi pp.201-202, 21 SEIKI BOOKS SYUFU TO SEIKATSU inc. (1984) 770yen

In Katsuyo Kobayashi's book it's called "NIKU GOHONÓ, but my sons' always call it "NIKU BENTOU", so it's called that in my family.
Sorry >> Katsuyo Kobayashi.

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To cook
1 Ingredients (Serves: 2)
170-200 g sliced pork shoulder
1 piece of ginger(10-20 g)
2 tablespoons soy-sauce(about)
4 tablespoons Sake (about)
1-2 tablespoons water (about)
In Katsuyo's recipe, it's uses 1 tablespoon soy-sauce, Sake and Mirin(sweetened Sake) for 100g pork, but we don't like the sweetness of meals. So we don't use Mirin and add extra Sake as a substitute for Mirin.
2 Preparation (If it's possible)
Chop ginger into fine strips, and cut pork into bite size(40-50mm). Soak the pork in sliced ginger, Sake, and soy-sauce for 5-10 minutes. While it is soaking, let's cook other dishes. Put cooked rice in each lunch-box and place them on a "non-ice" pack to cool down first.
3 Let's cook the pork.
First boil the Sake for 10-20 seconds. Amount is always about. Add sliced ginger and soy-sauce. Fry sliced pork keeping them straight in the pan, and brown both sides.
If there isn't enough sauce, add a small amount of water.
4 Finishing
While letting pork cool, spoon the sauce onto the rice. Put the straighten pork on the rice. Sometimes we use 100-130g pork for Atsushi's lunch-box. It's finished.
A garnish for NIKUBENTOU is usually light dishes, like Cucumber pickles.
In a summer, most foods are very easy to sour. Cool rice and pork down well using "non-ice" pack.

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