No.15 Kyuri, Myouga, Shiso no SIOMOMI

A type of salt pickles with Cucumber, Japanese ginger and beefsteak plant. The taste of natural salt(not refined salt) is a crucial point.
Photos: 1996/09/05 Made on: 1997/06/08

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I wonder if it is necessary to use a detailed recipe with pictures, but sometimes we don't know certain things, so I've made this for your information. I'll be glad if it is of reference to you. Excuse me for repeating myself, but please remember the natural salt is very important for the recipe.

To make
1 Ingredients serves: 3-4 for lunch
  • 1 cucumber
  • 3-5 leaves Siso(beefsteak plant)
  • 1 Miyouga(Japanese ginger)
  • 2-3 pinches of salt(about 1-1.5g)
  • It always appears for a garnish of "Nikubentou"(pork chop lunch box), then the amount doubles.
    2 Chop the cucumber into chunks. Cut the Myouga vertically and then slice them into fine strips diagonally from the top. Cut off the stem of the Shiso and then cut vertically. Lay the Shiso one on top of another and them roll them up. To made cutting easier.
    kyuri2s.jpg kyuri3s.jpg kyuri4s.jpg
    Change the location 90 degrees. Cut the Siso at right angles to the roll. The taste of salt is as you like, I use the thumb, forefinger and middle finger to pinch the salt two times (about 1g). Put the salt on the cucumber and rub. Add the Shiso and Japanese ginger into the cucumber. That's finished. Our family likes the flavor of Shiso, and we have plenty of Shiso.
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