Baked Broccoli with Cheese

Just steaming broccoli by Vitacraft (Japanese only) gets boring, so I try this approach, too. It looks nice and is also quick to cook.
Phots: Arp 21 1997 , Made on: May 17 1997 , Translated: Jul 12 1998

Reference books: none
I make this recipe reference from "Aluminum case is a convenient cooking tool" in Easy cooking of Chie's recipe who participates in "Minnano-Obentou". If you prepare all ingredients the night before, the next morning you can cook easily.

Ingredients (Serve: 1)
  • 20-30g broccoli
  • 1 teaspoon-1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • 20-30 g cooking (easy to melt) cheese
  • Some (dry) bread crumbs ( 2-3 g)
  • Salt and black pepper
  • 5 g butter

I made this without mayonnaise first. When Atsushi(my first son) tasted it, he told me it would be better to add mayonnaise. I made it again with Mayonnaise immediately then he sad "Goo (it means delicious)", so it became our new recipe.


Preparation - Oven
Cut the broccoli into small pieces, and then par-boil.

In the picture, the mayonnaise appears at the bottom of the ingredients but I think it's better to sandwich broccoli between mayonnaise. Put the broccoli in an aliminium cup and add cheese, salt, bread crumbs and butter on the top. Bake it in a oven-toaster for 4-6 minutes. When the top is brown, it is finished.

I used sliced cooking cheese in this picture.

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