It's a lightly seasoned food that has good nutrition. And also it includes a Umeboshi(pickled plums), means it protects us from food poisoning. This is easy, healthy and safe dish.
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One of my acquaintances taught me this recipe. For reference, I read some cooking books, there were "a lot". It seems this dish is popular generally. When someone teaches me some recipes, I think it's involving his positive impressions and I like to try the recipe. But if I only read these books, I might be careless about it.
Ingredients (Serves: 3)

  • 3 Goes (1 Go = 180 ml = 1 cup ) cooked rice
  • 3-4 Umeboshi (pickled plums)
  • 3-4 Shiso leaves (beefsteak plant)
  • 30-40g(1-11/2 oz) Jyako(dried small young sardines)

  • The amount is to your taste. If Umeboshi is a little big, 1 Umebochi is for about 1 go rice fine. Jyako doesn't taste strong and you can add more if you would like to supply a lot calcium.

    Certain reference books suggest another way to cook this, like when rice cooks, add Umeboshi. It depends on your taste. I like the refreshing Umeboshi taste and I always add Umeboshi after the rice cooked.



    Cut Shiso leaves into fine slivers, soak in cold water for about 2-3 minutes, and drain well. It's good if you have time to dry Shiso leaves using paper towels. But I just squeeze them between my hands, It's OK. While soaking the Shiso leaves, it's better to cut Umeboshi.

    Take out the seed of each Umeboshi and then chop it roughly. If you chop Umeboshi too finely, it becomes a paste and the contrast coloring is not good to white colored rice.


    Replace the rice and mix with Umeboshi and Shiso. When adding Shiso, don't add it all at once, it's difficult to separate and also be careful to drain it well. And then add Jyako. At this time, I add the same amount as the picture one more time. That's it. You can make it easily without the picture.

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