(Chinese cabbage with Udon-noodles)

Generally Udon dishes are simple taste, but this recipe includes various ingredients. If can be for dinner. I often cook this in the winter when Chinese cabbage is getting tasty. It's easy to cook, after all.
Photos: 1996/10/27 , Made on: 1997/09/23


It includes plenty of vegetables and Chinese cabbage like a Udon-Suki with vegetables. It's from the reference book, dear NHK, thanks. The way of cooking has been changing till now. The pictures in this recipe is different to the NHK's. But the basic taste using garlic and consomme cubes the same. Ingredients and the way of cooking changed, but totally the original taste is from "KYOU NO RYOURI". The reference book lists only Chinese cabbage and Japanese leeks in the ingredients section, but in my family I use any vegetables in the refrigerator. But main vegetable is still Chinese cabbage. Plenty of garlic and consomme don't taste like Udon, don't worry about this mismatching. I always add fewer consomme cubes than the NHK's recipe and sometimes add more soy-sauce and oyster-sauce for our taste. In the reference book, simmer Udon for about 20 minutes a Do-nabe (a kind of Japanese original pot made from clay), but it sounds kind of bothersome to me and I always use boiled Udon and cook in a wok about 5-6 minutes. The look isn't so good, but It's very convenient to wash the utensils. Generally I don't use cubes or powder for making instant soup, but this is an exception because it's very easy to cook.

To cook
(Serves: 4)
(Serves: 3)
Boiled Udon300g 6 single serving packs
Chinese cabbage1/2-2/31/2
Garlic5-6 pieces2 pieces
Sliced pork fat back1 pack (100g)300-500g
(Japanese leeks)
Consomme cube21
Soy-sauceto your taste3-4 Tbsp
Saketo your taste2 Tbsp
Hot wateras you like5 c
I cook half of the Udon at a time.
I think it's fine to use any of your stock vegetables, like the end part of Japanese radish is also fine.
Slice garlic and fry to release the aroma over low heat. Be careful not to burn it. Add pork and keep frying. When the color of the pork changes, add soy-sauce. It's better to add a little less than stated in the ingredient section from the reference, you can adjust later.
Add Sake, I think about 4 tablespoons = 60 cc. But at this time, donŐt add all the Sake, after frying all vegetables then add it. If you add too much Sake, It's okey it won't taste bad. Add carrots and the stems of Chinese cabbage. Keep frying till oil covers all ingredients.
Add Chinese cabbage leaves and Japanese leeks. Add hot water and cubes and simmer about 5 minutes. And then add soy-sauce, Sake, salt and Udon. If you use boiled Udon the simmering time after adjusting seasonings is about 5 minutes.

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