(Toasted Salmon Topping)

When some extra salmon filets seem to be left in the refrigerator, I grill them and then make Furikake(topping). No food additives and healthy home made taste. Let's enjoy the simspack.
Photos: 1997/05/12 , Made on: 1997/11/23

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When I buy the salmon for lunch-boxes, 1-2 filets are always left. If it's kept in the refrigerator, the amount is not enough for our dinner. But to use that salmon for the next day's lunch-boxes is boring. Because of those reasons, I often keep it in the refrigerator until it spoils. How wasteful!

It's convenient to grill all salmon at once at night or when you have a lot of time. But it's a pity it's gone so fast even though it takes a lot time to make.


  • 1-2 salted salmon filets
  • As you like salt and black sesame seeds
It's easy to add black sesame seeds and salt, when it's packed. But it's easier and interesting to add other ingredients just before you use it.



"KABADA YA" in KUROSAKI SOGO is one of our regular grocery stores. "MENTAI" in the shop is also one of our favorite ingredients. This pack is 400 yen. Broil both sides of the salted salmon, and flake into small pieces.


Break up the fish meat into pieces like the left picture. Place the salmon on a paper towel, flat, cover it with another paper towel and then heat it in the microwave. The time for heating depends on the watts for each oven. 500W is about a few minutes. It's better to check once during heating.

Processing to flake

The evaporated salmon is a little hard to make into more small pieces for Flikake (flakes) using a SURIKOGI and SURIBACHI. This is an important point. Grained in the Suribachi until you have fine flakes. The texture is very soft and it's as tasty as ready made ones.

Add some optional ingredients, black sesame seeds and salt, as you like in a clean and sterilized bottle, and keep it in the freezer.

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