(Ginger-sauced pork chop in a rice ball)

It's a ordinary pork chop with ginger-sauce, but it's very good for ingredients in Onigiri(a rice ball)because the seasoning is strong with a thick sauce.
Photos: 1996/11/27 , Made on: 1997/06/22

Reference: My mother who lives in Sendai taught it to me.

We often make Onigiri. The 3 most popular ingredients in our family are
  • SUZIKO (Salted salmon roe)
  • MENTAI & SHAKE (Spiced cod roe & salted salmon)
  • NIKU (Ginger-sauced pork chop)
Those are favorites in my family, I'm afraid UMEBOSI(pickled plums) which is a favorite among Japanese is not appeared in the list. The Onigiri that sticks in my mind "Sanzoku Onigiri " from "Musashi". This Onigiri is very big (you need two hands to hold it.). It has three ingredients which is unusual, but it is very tasty. I often make this type of Onigiri at home using 2 or 3 ingredients.

To cook
Ingredients 2-3 for lunch
  • 100g thinly sliced pork(lean)
  • A piece of ginger (10g)
  • Appx. 2-3 tablespoons soy sauce
  • Appx. 2-3 tablespoons Sake
  • Appx. 1-2 tablespoons MIZUDOKI KATAKURIKO
    (Potato starch & water 1:1 dissolved in the water)

    "Only 100g meat?" that's an our sensation. Especially the day(96/11/27), our dinner was YAKINIKU(Korean-style barbecued beef) using 1 Kg beef, so the comparison was remarkable.
  • Cut the pork into small pieces.
    Cut the ginger into fine strips. Mix the pork, ginger, soy sauce and Sake and then soak them 10-20 minutes. Drain the pork(saving the sauce) and then fry.
    After cooking the pork put the extra Sake and soy sauce in the pan. After the sauce comes to boil, add the MIZUDOKI KATAKURUIKO and the sauce will thicken. It's better to have a thick sauce. And it's finished. It becomes an ingredient for Onigiri.

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