Carrot pickles (Miso-zuke style)

Miso is the most important point. That matter must be investigated further.
Photos: Nov 26 1996, Made on: Dec 01 1996, Translated: Feb 15 1998

Reference: I was taught it by Emi & Sayo Sasaki on 11. 19th, 1996 "KUREBA WAKARU", HANAKIN Bldg B1 Nakaku 3-4-21 Nagoya-city

In November of 1996', One of my friends took me to the bar "KUREBA WAKARU" while I've stayed in Nagoya on my business trip. And the owner taught this dish to me there. So tasty. Basically, just salt is necessary for making pickles, so I came to understand how to use Miso for that. At first, I tried it using Miso HOSHIROKU we usually use, but the taste was kind of salty. And once I tried it using Kouji Miso like Emi & Sayo Sasaki taught me. I studied that the taste would be able to change depending on Miso. It's necessary to keep researching Miso.

P.S "KUREBA WAKARU" is a bar with a homey atmosphere. It became one of my favorite places from my first visit. They taught me another recipe which is also an easy dish with their demonstration. You'll be able to see that in the near future.

To make
Ingredients, Serves about 4 for lunch
  • 1 medium carrot
  • Some Kouji Miso
I bought an expensive organic carrot for this recipe.
Cut carrot into small pieces (width 1cm, length 4-5cm). Put Miso, about the same amount as carrot, and carrot in a plastic bag. Rub the plastic bag by hand. And let Miso and carrot season well.
This is well rubbed ingredients. Place in the fridge. This is taken out of the fridge the following morning. This picture shows drained water from ingredients. Remove the excess Miso from the carrot. Let's use the extra Miso for Miso-soup.

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